General Education and Support for the Vision

Prior to 2011

Versions 2005, 2006 and 2007 of the curricula incorporate a curricular area consistent with the 2015 Mission, aimed at promoting a humanistic education that develops critical thinking and an ethical sense of responsibility towards oneself and others, towards cultural diversity and the natural environment, in order to build an equitable, sustainable and democratic world through the development of skills and abilities that will allow the construction of knowledge from multiple perspectives.


Objective: Develop students’ critical thinking and oral and written expression skills to prepare competent readers, speakers and writers who are capable of participating in and influencing the construction of knowledge through the appropriate use of language as an instrument for learning and reflection, in the academic environment and their professional setting.
Code Name Programs offered
H1017 Analysis and Verbal Expression Workshop All the programs
H2001 Verbal Expression in the Workplace All the programs


Objective: Offer students a vision of the main ethical dilemmas in today’s world and an opportunity to address them critically and with well-supported arguments, helping them to become people who are aware of and engaged in the face of ethical dilemmas in their personal, professional and civic lives.
Clave Nombre Programs offered
H1018 Ethics, Self and Society All the programs
H2002 Ethics, Profession and Citizenship All the programs

Science and Technology Perspective

Objective: Promote an analytical, reflective and proactive perspective from which students will observe the relationships between society and scientific and technological developments as a reference point for their actions and decisions in their personal, professional and civic environments, with a view to contributing to a sustainable society.
Code Name Programs offered
EH2005 Philosophy of Science All the programs
H2007 Science, Technology, and Society All the programs
H2030 History of Science All the programs
IB2001 Science, Technology, and Sustainable Development All the programs
MD1028 Health, Technology and Information IMD, LAS, LCE, LNB, MC, MO

Humanistic Perspective

Objective: For students to know, analyze and enjoy a variety of artistic expressions in order to understand the world and their social and personal reality.
Code Name Programs offered
CO1005 Media, Culture and Society All the programs
EH1005 Music and Society All the programs
EH1006 Art and Intercultural All the programs
H1014 Music Appreciation I All the programs
H1036 Creative Writing All the programs
H1037 Film, Literature and Culture All the programs
H2003 Contemporary Art and Society All the programs
H2006 Contemporary Literature and Society All the programs

Sociopolitical perspective

Objective: Contribute to the preparation of students as citizens of Mexico and the world, with historical awareness, and analytical and critical thinking skills, in order to foster their effective participation in building an equitable, sustainable and democratic society.
Code Name Programs offered
ES2000 Socially and Environmentally Responsible Businesss All the programs
ES3001 Small Enterprise Operations for Social Development All the programs
H1039 Beliefs Systems and Globalization All the programs
H2004 Citizenship: Social and Political Practice All the programs
H2008 Citizens Development and Social Compromise All the programs
H2027 Social Responsibility and Citizenship All the programs
MB2000 Health, Democracy and Society IMD, LAS, LCE, LNB, MC, MO
P2007 Society, Development and Citizenship in Mexico All the programs

Development of Entrepreneurs

Objective: Encourage students to become leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators by detecting business opportunities, with the capacity to create competitive companies that will contribute to the country’s progress.
Code Name Programs offered
EM3004 Leadership for Entrepreneurial Development All the programs
ES3000 Microenterprise Planning for Social Development All the programs

Foreign language

Objective: Develop students’ linguistic proficiency in a foreign language, enabling them to acquire knowledge of other contexts, express themselves, and understand ideas and experiences from other cultures, while acquiring a more global mindset.
Code Name Programs offered
H1016 Foreign Language All the programs
Last update of programs: June 1,     2010