Altenativa Credentials

Tecnológico de Monterrey recognizes the following alternative credentials as proof that a student has the knowledge required to pass graduate courses in programs with a professional orientation (trimester-format Specializations and Masters).

MicroMaster certificates awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MicroMaster Supply Chain certificate courses Tecnológico de Monterrey credit courses
SC0x Supply Chain Analytics AD4001 Statistical Analysis in Organizations
SC1x Supply Chain Fundamentals AD5003 Value Creation, Business and Network Models
SC2x Supply Chain Design IN5116 Supply Chain Design
SC3x Supply Chain Dynamics IN5096 Transportation and Third-Party Logistics

MOOCs (Massive open online courses) offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey

Certificates awarded by Coursera Tecnológico de Monterrey credit courses
Specialized Instructional Design Program for Active Learning in Digital Pedagogy ED5095 Instruction Design and Technological Education Models

High specialization certificates

High specialization certificates Tecnológico de Monterrey credit courses for high specialization certificates
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning TC4030 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Data Display TC5032 Data Display
Iot and Sensors Networks TE4017 Iot and Sensors Networks
Cybersecurity Frameworks TI4020 Cybersecurity Frameworks Outline
Cybersecurity Structurest TI4021 Functional Cybersecurity Structure in Organizations
Asset Configuration and Vulnerability Management TI4022 Cybersecurity Asset Configuration and Vulnerability Management
Data Protection Management TI4023 Data Protection Management
Innovation in Cybersecurity Technology TI4024 Innovation in Cybersecurity Technology
Cybersecurity Metrics Development and Reporting TI4026 Development and Report of Cybersecurity Metrics
Cyberattacks TI4027 Cyberspace Attacks
Incident Response TI4028 Incident Response
Cybersecurity Operations TC4020 Cybersecurity Operations
Digital Forensics TC4021 Digital Forensics
Identification and Investigation of Cybersecurity Incidents TC4022 Cybersecurity Incident Identification and Research
Cyber Threat Management   TC4023 Cyber Threat Management
Cybersecurity Intelligence TC4024 Cybersecurity Intelligence
Financial Sustainability for Public Trasnformation EO4023 Public Finance and Budgeting
Decision-Making for Deep Uncertainties TC4025 Data Science (until September 2021)
Decision making in complex scenarios RE 4023 Systems Modeling
Data Science TC4029 CAnalytics and Data Science
Business Analytics: From Data to Knowledge AD4057 Data Analytics in Business I
Negotiation and Leadership

AD5103 Negotiation Skills or 
AD4044 Dynamics of Negotiation and Influence or
AD4043 Global Leadership or
AD4025 Managerial Skills I or
AD4047 Leadership and Human Capital or
RH4003 Leadership and Managing People in Organizations

Communication in Public Organizations ED5114 Negotiation in Educational Environments
Innovation and Entrepreneurship AD5129 Innovation in Business Models or
EM4001 Innovation and Future Thinking or
EM4002 Entrepreneurial Mindset
Comunication in Public Offices ED5114  Negotiation in Educational Environments
Management of Tools and Information Media ED5111 Information Management for Decision Making
* This list of courses will be revised and updated continuously by faculty from Tecnológico de Monterrey program councils.
*The applicant has 3 years, from the date on which he obtained said qualification, to request the accreditation of a postgraduate course.

Applications for course credit must be completed during the admission process for the selected program through the campus Office of Credit Transfer and Revalidation.
The academic administration of the subjects accredited by alternative credentials in a graduate program, considers the grade A (Accredited) and the following note on the student's certificate for identification: "Materia acreditada por examen de suficiencia". For certificates in English, the equivalent mark will be the following: "Credit awarded by examination".

The deadline for applying for credit is the date established for requesting course changes during students’ first trimester of study at the Institution.

Last update of programs:April 13, 2023