Specialization Programs

Specializations: are graduate-level programs aimed at preparing individuals who wish to study and manage specific issues in a particular area of a profession. In academic-load terms, they are equivalent to half a master’s degree.

School of Humanities and Education

# Code  CIP Name
1 EEE-V (T) 130101 Specialization in Teaching and Assessment of English Language (On line Program)
2 EGE-V (T) 450601 Specialization in Management for Educational Leadership and Innovationt (On line Program)

School of Engineering and Sciences

Computer Science and Information Technologies
# Code CIP Name
3 ELS (T) 143501 Specialization in Logistics and Supply Chain
4 ENA-V (T) 140901 Specialization in Applied Artificial Intelligence (On line Program)
5 EPY (T) 143501 Specialization in Project Management

* (T) Trimester Programs
* (S) Semester Programs
* CIP: ( Classification of Instructional Programs: 2000 Edition. [Online].), NCES - U.S. Department of Education. (2002).

Last update of programs: January 27, 2023