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Bibliografía de Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas

Problem-based Learning: A student guide
Jos H.C. Moust, Peter A.J. Bouhuijs, y Henk G. Shmidt (2001)


Universities and polytechnics are offering an increasing range of educational programs based on a problem-based learning approach. Problem-based learning requires students to engage in a lot of self-directed learning behavior.

This approach does not prescribe in great detail what and how students have to learn, and the the subject matter is not explained clearly by a teacher. Students have to take the iniciative to find explanations and to solve problems.

Experience has shown that a good preparation for working in a problem-based learning context is important. This book, based on our twenty-year experience with problem-based learning at the Maastricht University, offers students a practical introduction to this educational approach. In particular, the book pays attention to the skill students need to operate within as well as outside problem-based tutorial groups. Special attention has been given to ways to methodologically adequate discussions of various types of problems students are offered by the staff, the way students can chair tutorial meetings and how students can organize their studies in a problem-based learning environment. Tips, excercises and questionnaires help readers to get a better grip on their learning processes.



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