Learn about the strategic marketing for tourism and experience analytically the distinct phases of the products commercialization process and services tourism, the distinct analysis of market, the tools of marketing and the same in action. In this course, you will know the importance of promotion and publicity for the tourism destinies, the importance to learn to elaborate campaigns of publicity and promotion to a destiny or attractive tourism, while you travel through Mexico.


  • Postulation: April 13th
  • Arrival: May 26th
  • Start Date: May 28th
  • End Date: June 27th
  • Departure: June 30th


Application Fee: $80 USD
Tuition Fee: $1,870 USD*

TOTAL: $1,950 USD*
* Waived for students from partner institutions.
*Exchange students must be nominated by partner institutions.

Housing Fee: $500 USD


This is a transitory program in which you will be travelling around the Southern Region of México. You will visit Cancun, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico; Merida, home of one of the most impressive archeological zones; San Cristobal de las Casas, known for its nature and ecotourism; and Puebla, capital of Mexican gastronomy.


  • Widen of your International Perspective.
  • Learn Spanish: The 4th Strongest Language in the World (World Economic Forum).
  • Develop Team Work and flexibility.
  • Learn about a millenary culture.
  • Experience cultural diversity.


Campus shuttle or bus


Residence off-campus (Usually administered by the University or outsourced by the University).


Visits to museums, downtown Puebla, Cholula and Sonata zone.

Sports Facilities

Gym, fitness rooms, outdoor sports facilities, etc.

Medical Service

Only Emergencies.


Computer rooms or labs

Welcoming session

Farewell Event

Student Centers

Commons, leisure areas, etc.


Classes or workshops.

"You define the present, we shape the future"

Contact: Carolina Martinez Pulido