Do you want to create impact and change the world? Take the challenge and get involved volunteering in our community service program in Chiapas. Through your experiences with the community, you will learn about leadership, social responsibility, personal advancement and planning of events, while you take a course in one of the best universities in Latin America.


  • Nomination: April 13th
  • Session A:
  • Arrival: May 28th
  • Start Date: May 28th
  • End Date: June 28th
  • Departure: June 29th
  • Session B:
  • Arrival: July 3rd
  • Start Date: July 3rd
  • Enda Date: July 27th
  • Departure: July 28th


* Application Fee: $80 USD
Tuition Fee: $980 USD

TOTAL: $1,060 USD

* Waived for students from partner institutions.

Housing Fee:
Rental Department: $400 - $850 USD (average)


Chiapas is located at the South Region of Mexico and it is Mexico’s sixth most populated state. Chiapas has a wide diversity in weather and nature, as well as one of the most important archeological vestiges from Mexico’s pre-colonial history. Tecnológico de Monterrey’s campus in Chiapas is located in San Cristobal de las Casas city.


  • Widen of your International Perspective.
  • Learn Spanish: The 4th Strongest Language in the World (World Economic Forum).
  • Improve your professional networking and experience in an international scale.
  • Develop Team Work and flexibility.
  • Experience cultural diversity.



Hostels (the most affordable option for students looking for a totally international and independent experience. Hostels kinds vary as well as prices and types of rooms: shared, single, with or without private bathrooms, with or without kitchen on the floors- this option is suitable for students 18+ and it is best if they have their hosteling international discount card*- meals are not included.


Hotels (there will be hotels from two to five Stars, according to each student’s needs. The services will vary from hotel to hotel and the availability will be subject to changes according to the seasons- this option is suitable for adults wishing to stay at a comfortable place, with commodity services included. Meals are usually not included, but depends on the package offered by each hotel.

Apartments/flats rentals

Renting an apartment/flat, which may be for a whole family, or for one single student. They can be from bachelors to 2-3 rooms with the facilities of a regular apartment/flat: sleeping area/bedrooms, kitchen, full-bathroom, common areas. Meals are not included nor cleaning services. These can be close or far from schools. This option is suitable for students 18+.


One-day trip to Palenque and Misol-Ha Waterfall.

Medical Service

Only Emergencies.


Communities according to the social project.

Welcoming session

Farewell Event


"You define the present, we shape the future"

Contact: Sara Ruiz