Improve your academic experience with one on the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s certificates in Mexico City. Search for a change in the world with our “Human Rights and Corruption” Certificate. Step-up your game in business with our “Innovation and Negotiation” program. Get a new global perspective with the “International Marketing and Public Relations” Certificate. Open your eyes to different realities and projects in the “Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Sustainability” Certificate.


  • Postulation: April 13th
  • Arrival: May 24th
  • Start Date: May 28th
  • End Date: June 27th
  • Departure: June 30th


Application Fee: $80 USD
Tuition Fee: $2,000 USD*

TOTAL: $2,080 USD (for 2 course)
* Waived for students from partner institutions.
** Waived for exchange students nominated by partner institutions.

Housing Fee:
$200 - $500 USD (average)


Mexico City is the capital and the most populated city in Mexico. It is home of many architectural wonders, cultural places –including several archeological reserves and museums- as well as the amenities of the huge metropolitan city that it is.


  • Widen of your International Perspective.
  • Learn Spanish: The 4th Strongest Language in the World (World Economic Forum).
  • Develop Team Work and flexibility.
  • Learn about a millenary culture.
  • Experience cultural diversity.



Staying with a local family, which usually includes meals and laundry room, as well as a furnished shared or single room, with private or shared bathroom. This option is suitable for younger students as well as adults who want to practice the language or want to learn the life-style of that country.


Residence off-campus: Usually administered by the University or outsourced by the University.

Apartments/flats rentals

Renting an apartment/flat, which may be for a whole family, or for one single student. They can be from bachelors to 2-3 rooms with the facilities of a regular apartment/flat: sleeping area/bedrooms, kitchen, full-bathroom, common areas. Meals are not included nor cleaning services. These can be close or far from schools. This option is suitable for students 18+.

Sports Facilities

Gym, fitness rooms, outdoor sports facilities, etc.

Medical Service

Only Emergencies.


Computer rooms or labs

Welcoming session

Farewell Event

Student Centers

Commons, leisure areas, etc.


Classes or workshops.

Campus shuttle or bus


Trip to Teohtihuacan.

"You define the present, we shape the future"

Contact: Pamela Mora