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Rol del profesor en Aprendizaje Basado en Investigación


In the Nine Principles Guiding Teaching and Learning in the University of Melbourne, the second principle is ‘an intensive research culture permeating all teaching and learning activities’.


The scope and value attached to any teaching/research linkages will depend fundamentally on how each activity itself is conceptualised. If for example one takes the simple dichotomous view recently expressed in Coaldrake and Stedman (1999, p. 17) that research is ‘the generation of new knowledge’ and teaching is the ‘transmission of knowledge’, then many academics who want to integrate them can be seen as wishfully pursuing a ‘romantic preference’ (p. 19). Yet such clear binary definitions are seldom adequate to the real complexity of either teaching or research in practice. ‘Transmission’ implies teacher-dominated instruction and ignores the substantial move towards more self-directed and distributed forms of learning.

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